About Petra

Reconnective Healing®

As long as she can remember Petra has been interested in natural ways of healing. In August 2018 she visited a Reconnective Healing® practitioner Diana. She was so impressed with the results that she visited her for another 2 sessions. Petra discovered that things fell into place, more synchronicity. Being at the right time at the right moment at the right location etc. She encouraged other family members to visit Diana as well and they also experienced remarkable outcomes. She felt like that this form of healing was coming to her for a reason and it all went very quick and fell into place. Diana advised her to read the book “Heal Others to Heal Yourself” and she became inspired to do the training herself. Petra felt very blessed and lucky to notice that Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer were visiting Melbourne within less than
1 month and she participated in the training. Trained by Eric and Jillian, Petra is now a qualified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and is happy to engage with you and create an optimal state of balance, It is her honour and pleasure to support you.

Reconnective Healing is focussed on reconnecting with and merging into oneness with the Source (God, Universe of whatever description fits best with you). Bringing you back into the love, the light, the power and the wisdom that you are, always have been and always will be.

Counsellor – Coaching

Petra runs her own private practice and is happy to help anyone identify the changes they want for their life, then co-construct meaningful and realistic goals. Petra is a master Solution Focused practitioner, and works alongside individuals in the creative process of “what is wanted”.

She is ready to work alongside you and co-construct steps in the right direction, to help you to escape the cycle of endlessly analysing and reacting to problems. Feel free to contact Petra to begin a therapy which has successfully changed people’s lives forever.

Petra is also available to lead workshops in Solution Focused Therapy in which she caters training to the needs of participants in a workplace, school or other group setting. Petra works deeply with her clients to find solutions within times of despair or crisis. She offers guidance, support, and positive management, which allows her clients to regain clarity and direction. Her person-centred approach helps her clients to map a personal path to success.

How She Got Started

In 2002 Petra felt like she was in a never-ending circle of work, paying bills etc…

She had to keep working in order to keep paying her bills. It was like being in a never-ending circle of responsibilities and duties. Then she remembered that voice when she went for a holiday in Indonesia in 1999, while watching the scenery the beautiful rice terraces, palm trees and crystal-clear streams of water with waterfalls, out of the blue a voice was telling her “You have to stay here!!!” But her first reaction was that would be impossible. I have a partner, I have my work and my house in The Netherlands. How can I do that. But within less than 3 years, in 2002 her relationship broke down, she had to sell her house and lost her job. All in one year. That’s when she decided to make a move to Indonesia, since all her responsibilities were gone. In 2004 she left The Netherlands to live in Indonesia and work as a volunteer in an orphanage. That was the start of her spiritual journey, mission to care for and help others. Her life has been blessed and full of joy ever since despite all the challenges she faced during her journey.

Petra has since worked as a Social Worker and Guidance Counsellor for more than 15 years. During these years she has worked successfully with Children, Adolescents, Individuals and Families – all dealing with an array of issues. She has navigated problems, ranging from smaller scale issues to serious mental health issues. Petra has a lot of experience working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. She has worked in The Netherlands, Indonesia, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Australia and The Philippines.

Petra has also worked alongside various communities as a trainer / coach in Sumba, a remote Indonesian Island. She project-managed with the support of the local community, to create four primary and pre schools now run sustainably by locals.

In the Solomon Islands, she designed and managed a Youth at Risk rehabilitation project. She supported at-risk youth to build their own Training Centre – now utilised as a primary school during the day, and for vocational training after-hours.

For more info: www.stichtingkiana.nl

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